Game developer first, software developer in the free time, part of PxlSquad

I've been a software developer for quite some time, among various jobs, a Computer Science degree, and a Master's degree. Most of my experience is related to Linux platforms, working with libraries for embedded devices, backend services, and Big Data technologies (e.g. Flume, Kafka, Storm). I'm proficient on C#, C++, Java and Python, and have experience using the Unity game engine. I also have some knowledge of JavaScript and Scala, along with CMake and various GNU command line tools (e.g. awk, sed, grep). At the moment, I'm working as a game developer at Black River Studios.

I'm also part of an small game collective called Pxl Squad, and we're doing some pretty good stuff in terms of disruptive games, transforming basic mechanics in delightful experiences. We have published two games on Google Play and one at, and participated on on various game jams. You can see some of the the games I've worked on my portfolio page.